The 'What's Worse Security Championships finals' - Vote now

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worse rain imageAs many of you know, we have been running our own security championships.

It started a few weeks ago with this post.

Thanks to the thousands of you who voted.

Click here to the see the results of the preliminary round

So the What's Worse winners, if they can be called that, are now pitted against one another in our final, shown below. Cast your vote in our What's Worse Final Championships:

That's it. We will announce the winners in this blog post next week. And thanks for taking part.

Update: Thanks to an anonymous reader who noticed a flaw in our finals. We fixed it and restarted the poll. Sorry to those few who had already voted.

Worse images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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4 Responses to The 'What's Worse Security Championships finals' - Vote now

  1. Nigel · 909 days ago

    With the exception of the social network getting hacked (I don't afflict myself with Facebag, etc.), they're all massive bummers. But having lived through identity theft, I can say without hesitation that it's the worst mess. It took eight years to clean it up...and that was back in 1993-2001, when the Internet wasn't nearly as pervasive as it is now. Today, identity theft coupled with Internet abuse would be catastrophic.

  2. I'd just like to point out that secretly stolen passwords trump stolen identity, as your identity could be stolen at any moment.... same goes for hacking your social network (and didn't email trump social network in the first round?).

    So it really comes down to:
    What's worse?
    Personal information is unknowingly leaked
    Personal property is knowingly stolen

    • Winterfruit · 909 days ago

      That was my exact thoughts on it. Especially since you have online banking, online shopping, etc.

      A good hacker could easily steal your identity if they have access to all your online accounts.

  3. daniellynet · 908 days ago

    "Your passwords are stolen, allowing your online activity to be secretly monitored"

    Can't exactly see how that can happen unless I anger someone very big that can hack every site I use daily.

    "Your laptop is stolen"
    Very annoying, but hardly the end of the world as long as you got some safety and backups.

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