Adobe updates are no laughing matter, but at least XKCD makes them funny

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It is estimated that, during their lifetime, computer users will have spent three whole months installing Adobe updates.

Okay, that statistic is made up - but the seemingly endless stream of security updates and fixes that emerge from Adobe HQ for their Flash and Acrobat Reader products certainly make it feel like that sometimes.

Fortunately web comic XKCD is around to spread a little sunshine in a cartoon dubbed "All Adobe Updates":

All Adobe Updates






By the way, don't you love how there are only two options: "OK" and "Download"? Not much choice there.

As is common with XKCD cartoons, there is a little easter egg visible if you hover your mouse over the image:

A hidden joke from XKCD

By the way, Adobe issued security fixes for Flash, Shockwave and Coldfusion yesterday...

You had best get updating. Again.


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7 Responses to Adobe updates are no laughing matter, but at least XKCD makes them funny

  1. Nigel · 737 days ago

    XKCD...brilliant as usual, and always a chuckle. Thanks for posting that, Graham!

  2. Don't forget the Adobe AIR update. Typically, if there's a Flash update there's an AIR update. Scan down Adobe's Flash security bulletins and you'll find an AIR update buried in there somewhere. Not exactly coherent, Adobe. (0_o)

  3. spryte · 736 days ago

    Only three months updating Adobe??
    Sure seems like longer, and somehow I don't feel like I'm finished.

  4. gregbacon · 736 days ago

    From the Department of Redundacy Department, 1,298 uploads to update the 1,289 updates you downloaded yesterday.

  5. witchsue · 736 days ago

    And if you have Firefox no matter how many times you download the Shockwave update from yesterday Firefox tells you that Shockwave for Director is out of date! I'm certain it is a Firefox bug, but annoying none the less.

  6. roy jones jr · 733 days ago

    I didn't know there was XKCD fans here. At least you all aren't as rabid as some of the other fans of that site are.

  7. Yo, dawg! We heard you like software updates. So we put a software update in your software update, so you can update while you update.

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