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12 Responses to How to plan what will happen to your private Google data after you die

  1. hron · 905 days ago

    Implying that I'm going to die.

  2. Anita · 905 days ago

    This is something every pc user needs to think about and I never had before! Thank you, NakedSecurity and Ms. Vaas,
    for bringing it to our attention!

  3. I will leave it all to my cats.

  4. Laurence · 904 days ago

    I'm using Google Apps and apparently this isn't available for me. Guess that means I can't afford to die.

    • Christopher · 904 days ago

      How utterly bizarre!! I really don't give two hoots what happens to my e stuff when I am offed. Its the same insane thinking we can take what we have with us when we die. I believe we spend so much energy, time, effort and care into building up a vast amount of 'Stuff' that we truly believe we can 'get' the benefits of these in the afterlife. Rather like the ancient Pharaohs. Some cultures even burned their living wife on their funeral pyre. If we do believe we would come back in a afterlife, as a frog, cat, dog or perhaps another human form. Would I be really concerned about all those unanswered emails and online photos(however compromising! ) ?
      I do think its is necessary to leave the best legacy behind for your loved ones. But to worry about emails/photos etc... is insanity.
      Love to hear more what others think.

  5. My policy has been to find someone I can trust (my brother in my case) who has a list of my websites and my passwords. I trust him to get rid of what needs to be gotten rid of and to be able to pull things from my email that need to get pulled.

  6. Gabriel · 904 days ago

    This feature is Great, but there is one problem.. you need a mobile phone number.
    I know most people have one. But I don't have one, don't want one (and probably never will have one).
    What will happen to people like me? We can't decide what we do with our data because we don't have a mobile?

    • COULD get a google voice/skype/some other such "throwaway" number that is used for such events, but beyond that just sits there not being used. (This way you have the number for when needing it, but still not pay for something you don't use.)

  7. Bart · 903 days ago

    Adding to what Gabriel said, my wife has a mobile phone but has text messages blocked, which prevents me from enabling this desirable feature.

    I sent feedback to Google to be able to use either email or land line but was told not to expect an answer.

    • Gabriel · 903 days ago

      As I wrote my comment yesterday, I also wrote a feedback to google (saying basically the same thing as my previous comment). This morning, when I check my email, it says that my Inactive Account Manager was enabled (without mobile).

      I'm happy it worked for me.. but it obviously shouldn't work like this.

  8. Mick A · 881 days ago

    Absolutely unthinkable years ago that you should be doing stuff like this! For the ones who say 'I don't give two hoots about where my data goes when I die' - don't forget that others are likely to be implicated in your photos, emails, videos and other revealing data snippets. This may well include your close family... Be careful...

  9. This post makes a lot of sense. Never really thought about some of the stuff, but I can totally see how it would be beneficial to planning the private google data.

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