Sophos Techknow – Two-factor Authentication [PODCAST]

Welcome to another episode of Techknow, the podcast in which Sophos experts debate, explore and explain the often baffling world of computer security.

In this episode, entitled Two-factor Authentication, Paul Ducklin and Chester Wisniewski investigate the what, the how and the why of the technology often abbreviated to 2FA.

Some of us take it for granted, perhaps because our banks won’t let us go online without it; others of us haven’t taken to it at all, perhaps because it’s an additional complication in online life.

Chet and Duck explain how the predominant forms of 2FA work, and why they make life harder for cybercriminals; they also look candidly at the downsides.

Potential stumbling blocks to the universal acceptance of 2FA include: how you regain control your digital life if you lose the token that regulates your access, and why you’d want to adopt 2FA at all if you are already comfortable with the extent of your legal liability for online losses.

With a number of big players joining the 2FA club in recent weeks, including Apple, and (if the rumours are true) Microsoft, this Techknow podcast is perfectly timed to help you decide whether to hold out or join in.

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