Uncool hacker blamed for unrevealing swimsuit photos of singer Victoria Justice

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Victoria JusticeAmerican singer Victoria Justice is not happy that someone (she blames a hacker) has leaked swimsuit photos of her onto the internet.

I've never heard of Victoria Justice, which may mean that the 20-year-old singer isn't targeting my particular demographic, but she's clearly famous enough to make headlines when she claims that the photos published of her were stolen by a hacker.

Media who covered the story described the leaked photos as "semi-racy... but nothing of the R-rated variety, showing Victoria fully clothed but in a bathing suit".

Clearly, however, Justice - who has her own show on Nickelodeon called "Victorious" - was not amused and is seeking, err, justice.

Hacking & stealing is NOT COOL. #RespectPeoplesPersonalProperty #Karma

And she's right, of course, hacking into someone's private accounts and stealing photos is *not* cool. And it's even less cool for websites to take the stolen images and to publish them on the net.

And yet it seems to keep on happening, and the websites appear to get away with it scot-free.

For instance, we've seen "news" websites publishing intimate snaps of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, and many other celebrities in the past without any apparent consequences.

Although hackers can receive harsh penalties for accessing celebrity accounts and stealing photos, we don't hear anything about the gossip websites that willingly went public with the stolen material.

So I was at least pleased to see Victoria Justice take the magazine that published the snaps of her in her swimsuit to task via Twitter, and was pleased to hear that the magazine subsequently removed the pics from their site.

Image of Victoria Justice courtesy of jake.auzzie/Flickr (Creative Commons)

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12 Responses to Uncool hacker blamed for unrevealing swimsuit photos of singer Victoria Justice

  1. Mark · 865 days ago

    "She blames a hacker". Whatever love, you clearly send those pictures to the wrong person.

  2. Steven Johnansen · 865 days ago

    This sounds like a planned "accident" which is helping singer game fame. I never knew of her 2 minutes ago, but now I do, thanks for you Sophos with increasing her exposure in all ways - pun intended. If she was some no-name person, you would have never written this article which means you are the proverbial opportunistic lawyer gaining from her "loss" If she never wanted the pix revealed, she could have deleted them off the sharable media or use a single-function camera. This smells like an "accidentally released" sex video of <insert any name> actress.

    • Jackfrost · 864 days ago

      There's just ONE problem with your little theory. These pictures are too tame to be planned. If she wanted to go the scandalous route then why use pictures that are so tame? These pictures are about as scandalous as any other teenager wearing a one piece suit. I've seen her wear more revealing clothes in candid shots when she was at the beach. So if this was “planned” then how come these pics are so tame?

  3. In the meantime, her name and profile are better known than they ever were.

    I'm afraid I don't belive half these stories.

  4. Jim · 865 days ago

    My first reaction was "Who?" ____I agree with the others that this seems totally staged. What's another generic 'pop' diva wannabe that obviously doesn't have the talent to stand out do to get her name out in public? Create a controversy! I remember back in business school we studied management styles in length including techniques the archetype talentless middle manager who always has some nonsense swirling about him/her to deflect attention away from less than stellar abilities. ____That the pictures were posed for in a swimsuit and weren't even as racy as the SI swimsuit editions used to do, this has publicity stunt all over it. It has every mark of a desperate going nowhere singer with management who realizes that and has been dipping into a bag of tricks.__ __

    • James · 864 days ago

      What Controversy though? It's a girl in a one piece suit. It's not even a TWO piece. Which would create MORE controversy rather than these pictures. So what controversy could there be in this story? If she wanted to do that, then why would she use such a TAME looking picture? I'm not saying it isn't this rout being planned. There's always that possibility. But why would it be SO tame in this case? Thats the problem with your argument here. It doesn't make sense.

  5. akboss · 865 days ago

    When anyone in that "hollywood" crowd claims a "hacker" broke into their computer and stole only "pictures" or a single "video" of them my first thought is "yeah riiiiiight" and the President is the king of England too.

    A hacker would take the time to empty her computer of everything and everything they could.

    Bet she had all the stuff snyc'd with her phone, tablet, whatever and that the last time she entered the username and password to her bank account was far more lucrative to the "hacker" than some swimsuit pics of her.

  6. Andy Beans · 864 days ago

    Hollywood stars get hacked as much as the girls in my street seem to get their drinks spiked every weekend, it's all a pretence to get what they want; Hollywoood stars want headlines, the local girls want everyone to sympathy despite their hangovers being self inflicted.

    Cheers for the post though, Googling the pictures has at least brightened up my morning :)

  7. Wolf_Star · 864 days ago

    Yawn. Oh, what's this? Another "celebrity" gets hacked?

    Well, they're not known for being exceptionally bright or overly endowed with common sense.

    And if you don't want someone to access something, you don't put it on an accessible device without decent security and/or strong encryption.

    I'd never heard of Victoria Justice before today, and I'm going to pretend I still haven't.

  8. vwiswell · 864 days ago

    I agree with the whole staged thing. As for the photos not being racy, why would she when she can get what she wants (publicity) without revealing anything, really?

  9. njorl · 864 days ago

    So, were the photographs stolen, or merely copied?

  10. Jay · 863 days ago

    And why is she complaining if they are tame photos in swimwear.....
    Not saying it's nice but the problem would go away more quickly if she stopped whining.

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