Naked Security scoops top honours at European Security Blogger Awards

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Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the inaugural European Security Blogger Awards.

Fellow writers Graham Cluley and Chester Wisniewski just emailed from the awards bash, at the aptly named Prince of Teck pub [*] in Earls Court, London, to say that Naked Security won two gongs:

Best Corporate Security Blog

Best Overall Security Blog

The Awards are meant to to be "a fun platform to recognise those who share with the community," and it's flattering to be recognised on those grounds.

As we've said before, we're indebted to you, our readers, because you're a huge part of our success.

We receive an astonishing range of suggestions, corrections, updates, alerts and useful advice via the Naked Security email address

And we benefit from the ever-growing number of readers who participate by posting comments on the articles themselves.

We really value your comments and tips - so thanks, and please keep them coming!

[*] The pub isn't really named after "teck" as in "tech" as in "techie" and "technical," but after Francis, Duke of Teck.


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10 Responses to Naked Security scoops top honours at European Security Blogger Awards

  1. Colin · 856 days ago

    Probably the first time I've ever voted in a poll where my choices actually won


  2. daniellynet · 856 days ago


  3. mike byrne · 856 days ago

    well done and well deserved

  4. Nigel · 856 days ago

    Huzzahs! You folks have earned it.

  5. Steve · 855 days ago

    You give us the meat and potatoes every day, and the occasional sweet treat too. Now you have earned your own "just desserts". Enjoy!

  6. Linda · 855 days ago

    I am very happy for you!! I voted and for once I got the results I had hoped for.
    Love your news letter and appreciate all your great advice. Keep up the good work!

  7. greg · 855 days ago

    Congrats on your awards, well deserved, keep up the good work !

  8. glenda · 855 days ago

    I'm glad I took the time to cast my vote - and I am pleased two very deserving men got the "nod" ...Congrats!

    • Paul Ducklin · 855 days ago

      Thanks, but (on a point of order) I feel obliged to point out that a number of women write for Naked Security, too :-)

  9. well done and well deserved....Congrats on your awards,

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