Monday review – the hot 24 stories of the week

In case you missed any recent stories, here’s everything we wrote in the last seven days.

General interest

Interview with ‘We are Anonymous’ author Parmy Olson (PODCAST)

Naked Security discusses cybercrime on BBC Radio 5 Live’s “Outriders” show

Hacking and scams

FT hacked. Syrian Electronic Army hijacks Financial Times blogs and Twitter accounts

How to hack an electric car-charging station

Phishers waste woman’s £1m life savings on cheeseburgers, champagne and gold

Law and order

The LulzSec hackers who boasted they were “Gods” await their sentence

Have your say – LulzSec: helpful, harmless or hideous?

Jail for the LulzSec hacking gang members

Opinion: No, the LulzSec hackers weren’t noble

US DOJ secretly swiped Associated Press phone records

‘Food porn’ Instagram photo of fancy steak/mac and cheese dinner leads IRS to identity thieves

Sony hacking suspect smashes computers to get out of prosecution

Malware and exploits

Outbreak! Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

Doctor Who episode leaks out early: exterminate spoilers!

Social networks

Social Roulette is forced by Facebook to commit its own social suicide

“Colin was here” – Sky News Twitter “disaster recovery” test message is accidentally posted


Get ready for the next #sophospuzzle – coming soon to a T-shirt near you

And the winner of the World War Two steganography competition is…

OS and software

Apple fixes 41 iTunes security flaws, some more than a year old

Mozilla pushes out new Firefox and Thunderbird: 8 security advisories, 3 critical fixes

May Patch Tuesday critical for users of Internet Explorer and web-based services

Privacy and online safety

How to measure the biggest and most dangerous threats

Bloomberg accused of “snooping” on customers for journalistic gain

Is your laptop still unencrypted? Perhaps 7 seconds of CCTV might change your mind

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