Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week

Catch up with everything we’ve written in the last seven days – it’s weekly roundup time.

General interest

60 Second Security [VIDEO]

Sophos RED scoops “Protector Award” at this year’s AusCERT conference

Cyber security in US power system suffering from reactive, self-policed rules

SSCC 109 – Laptop theft, money mules, LulzSec, Microsoft and more [PODCAST]

AusSHIRT 2013 – the #sophospuzzle instructions in full

Hacking and scams

Cybercrooks siphon $800,000 from US fuel distribution firm

Operation Aurora hack was counterespionage, not China picking on Tibetan activists

22 million user IDs may be in the hands of hackers, after Yahoo Japan security breach

Law and order

Vermont slaps patent troll with first-ever suit of its kind

NYPD detective charged with hiring email hackers to break into colleagues’ personal accounts

Blogger threatened with $1 billion suit for writing about allegedly predatory publisher

Congress asks Google if and how it’s protecting privacy with Glass

Malware and exploits

Breakfast malware at Tiffany’s? Trojan horses spammed out widely

Small businesses beware! Point-of-sale malware is after you

Inside the “PlugX” malware with SophosLabs – a fascinating journey into a malware factory

Social networks

Why Twitter’s two-factor authentication isn’t going to stop media organisations from being hacked

It’s VKontakte, *not* Vikontakte. Twitter phishing, Soviet-style

Privacy and online safety

Only 36% of small firms apply security patches. No wonder cybercrooks are stealing their cash

Microsoft is reading Skype messages

Three wireless security myths – busted!

DDoS-for-hire service is legal and even lets FBI peek in, says a guy with an attorney

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