Monday review – the hot 15 stories of the week

It’s weekly roundup time. Here’s all the great stuff we’ve written in the past seven days.

General interest

Farewell Camino – pioneering Mac browser falls behind on security, reaches end of road

Android malware, Liberty Reserve, CSAW, Legal ransomware – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Australian government announces its National Cloud Computing Strategy

Law and order

Sorry? Is a US report recommending ransomware to target copyright thieves?

Digital currency Liberty Reserve shut down by US governement

Malware and exploits

Android malware in pictures – a blow-by-blow account of mobile scareware

PayPal refuses to pay bug-finding teen

Social networks

Facebook kicks out rape jokes and gender hate speech

Phishers try flattery with Facebook Page owners

Social media privacy explained – In plain English

Privacy and online safety

Harvard dean who authorized secret search of faculty email to step down

Face recognition API for Google Glass to be released this week


Certificate pinning – first for websites, now for software?

Winners of the AusCERT 2013 #sophospuzzle (and how to solve it)

Anatomy of a change – Google announces it will double its SSL key sizes

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