Monday review – the hot 18 stories of the week

Missed any stories in the past seven days?

Here’s our weekly roundup, just in case…

General interest

60 Second Security – botnets, Java and more [VIDEO]

Biostamps – freedom from passwords, or Hollywood science?

SSCC 110 – Skype “surveillance” and more [PODCAST]

Watch where you plug in – researchers hack iPhone via charger

Law and order

US child porn suspect doesn’t have to decrypt disks (yet)

US upholds warrantless border search of laptops

FBI and Microsoft in “Citadel” crimeware takedown

US orders Google to hand over user info to the FBI

Fake payment phishers busted in South Africa

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom gets at seized property, evidence

Malware and exploits

Microsoft announces five Bulletins for Patch Tuesday

Apple’s OS X and Safari get biggish security fixes

Crooks plant malware in online auto ad scams, FBI warns

Oracle promises to secure Java – too little, too late?

Social networks

LinkedIn flips the two-factor authentication switch

Privacy and online safety

US uses NSA-FBI PRISM program to snoop everywhere

Iowa City bans drones, automatic traffic surveillance


Google’s SSL announcement – hidden surprise for XP users

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