Monday review – the hot 20 stories of the week

Missed anything last week? Don’t worry, here’s a little roundup of everything we wrote.

General interest

The day I caught an ATM card catcher

LinkedIn unhacked, Microsoft bounties, Java in your browser – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

SSCC 111 – PRISM and data leakage, encryption, Google contracts and Flash on phones [PODCAST]

Law and order

Texas becomes first US state to ban warrantless email snooping

EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy gets harsh criticism from data protection advocate

Kentucky man charged with using scans of checks to double-dip funds

FDA tells medical device makers and hospitals to strengthen security

Malware and exploits

Microsoft ready to cough up (potentially big!) bounty bucks for bugs

Social networks

Facebook issues data breach notification – it may have leaked your email and phone number

The LinkedIn hack that wasn’t

Facebook’s untimely block on Tor mistakenly freaks out activists

Mobile devices

US law enforcers want to see a kill switch on our mobile phones


Anatomy of a cryptoglitch – Apple’s iOS hotspot passphrases crackable in 50 seconds

OS and software

Oracle and Apple update Java – zapping browser Java would already have blocked 92.5% of the risk

Privacy and online safety

Stolen webcam video listed at $1 per female victim, $1 per 100 male victims

Hey board directors, help your companies fight cybercrime – and yes, it matters

Privacy officials from six nations want answers about Google Glass

Yahoo’s going to boot us off our deadbeat accounts, but who is going to grab them?

Apple chimes in with the “Ain’t no PRISM here!” chorus

Australia’s National Consumer Fraud Week – the motto is, “Outsmart the scammers!”

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