Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

Did you miss anything in the past week?

Here’s a recap of the hot 22 stories of the past seven days, so you can catch up quickly!


Thieves pounce on a sheriff’s unencrypted laptop

General interest

Who is SophosLabs: Numaan Huq, Threat Researcher

Top executives out of touch with IT security risks

What do you want to see on Naked Security?

Facebook, Canada, Opera – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Hacking and scams

Opera breached, code cert stolen, spreads malware

Anatomy of a browser trick – meet “keyjacking”

Law and order

Canada’s long-delayed spam laws delayed even more

Europeans to learn about data breaches – sometimes

US senators propose laws to throttle NSA’s spying

Canadian cop didn’t know cyber-stalking was illegal

Malware and exploits

Taking a closer look at the Glazunov exploit kit

Firefox 22.0 fixes some not-yet-exploited holes

Google scans Chrome Web Store uploads for malware

Google adds malware info to Transparency Report

Ruby + OpenSSL && sprintf() == MitM?

Privacy and online safety

Using Tor to hide your location piques NSA interest

Yahoo says unleashing old accounts will be fine

Google gets 35 days to wipe its WiSpy data

Graphical designer in “font protest” against PRISM

Facebook leaks turn out to be leakier

Facebook pays $20K for easily exploitable flaw

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