Branch office security in the spotlight…

We’ve just made a short video about branch office security, and we think you’ll find it enjoyable and useful.

When we say “branch offices,” we’re talking generally.

We mean to include locations like retail stores, home offices, service stations, public libraries, and so forth.

Anywhere with non-technical staff, or even no staff at all, where there isn’t IT expertise on tap.

→ Just to be clear: this video has a marketing angle. As well as discussing the general challenges of branch office security, the video also explains how one of our own products, the Sophos RED, helps you solve those challenges.

The ideal solution for branch offices is some kind of VPN, or virtual private network.

That’s where you set up matching encryption software on each end of an internet link, to give yourself what’s called a secure data tunnel.

But setting up a VPN in the first place creates something of a paradox.

How do you securely set up a branch office connection without a secure connection over which to set it up?

Securing branch offices with the Sophos Remote Ethernet Device (3’53”)

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