Monday review – the hot 15 stories of the week

Monday review

Missed anything last week? Catch up with everything we talked about with this handy weekly roundup.

General interest

Android security fail, Cryptocat tartan, Nintendo crack – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Is DEF CON right to ask the feds to stay away? [POLL]

Who is SophosLabs: Joanne Garvey, Threat Researcher

Social networks

“Catch me if you can” – Twitter-taunter and wanted fraudster nabbed in Mexico

Facebook post results in prison for trash-talking teen


Anatomy of a pseudorandom number generator – visualising Cryptocat’s buggy PRNG

Anatomy of a security hole – Google’s “Android Master Key” debacle explained

Hacking and scams

Nintendo Japan cracks after month-long, 15.5 million-strong hacker bombardment

Did brainless flaw in US Emergency Alert System lead to epic zombie attack warning?

Malware and exploits

WhatsApp users, ignore messages from ‘Priyanka’ – it’s a worm

OS and software

Microsoft to pay first bug bounty for Internet Explorer hole

July 2013 Patch Tuesday – Windows, IE, Flash, Shockwave and ColdFusion

Privacy and online safety

Practical IT: How to plan against threats to your business

‘Virtual Lolita’ bot imitates a schoolgirl to trap chatroom paedophiles

Some US states strengthen data breach notification laws, others ignore them

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