Monday review – the hot 18 stories of the week

Get yourself up to date with everything we’ve written in the last seven days – it’s weekly roundup time.

General interest

The Dirty Dozen spamming countries – introducing the SophosLabs SPAMMIERSHIP League Tables!

14-month-old tot buys her dad a car on eBay

Android holed again, JAY Z and “Magna Carta”, Tumblr and HTTPS – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

SSCC 113 – Another Android hole, Tumblr forgets encryption, Nintendo under attack [PODCAST]

Hacking and scams

Gun-wielding penguin takes over Ubuntu Forums, waves AK-47 at Linux users everywhere

Law and order

College student gets a year in the slammer for keylogging student accounts to rig election

Sony to pay £250,000 fine for PlayStation Network breach

Angela Merkel calls for stricter EU-wide data protection rules

Malware and exploits

A look at Point of Sale RAM scraper malware and how it works

The PlugX malware factory revisited: introducing “Smoaler”

Social networks

Facebook, the early years: handing out a master password like candy

Tumblr security lapse – iPhone and iPad users update your passwords now!

Twitter hands over data to unmask racist users


Anatomy of another Android hole – Chinese researchers claim new code verification bypass

OS and software

Oracle ships giant raft of patches – but none of them for Java

Privacy and online safety

Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ mobile app is too snoopy, privacy advocates complain

Would you tell Google your Wi-Fi password? You probably already did…

Hollywood hospital fires six for snooping into patient records

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