Monday review – the hot 20 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed any recent stories, here’s everything we wrote in the last seven days.

General interest

Data Breach Week, SIMs cracked, carders busted – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

A new place to chat about security threats

Who is SophosLabs: James Wyke, Senior Threat Researcher

Hacking and scams

Stanford University hacked, becomes latest data breach victim

Viber admits to swallowing ‘Syrian Electronic Army’ phishing bait

Lakeland hacked and passwords reset, customers advised to change passwords elsewhere

Apple takes Dev Center down for days, finally admits, “We got owned!”

Ibrahim Balic takes credit for Apple Dev Centre “attack”, but will he shoulder the blame?

Ubuntu users, relax: the gun-toting penguin says s/he means no harm

Law and order

Ransomware tricks child sex abuse image addict into turning self in to cops

Five Gonzalez sidekicks charged with massive 160 million credit card number theft

DHS to set up $6 billion one-stop security shop for government agencies

Why must political chiefs keep pushing the cyberwar alert button?

Mobile devices

Rooting SIM cards – BlackHat speaker says he may be able to “own your phone” with a text message

SysAdmin Day

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Worst things to say to a sysadmin [POLL]

Sysadmin day? *SYSADMIN DAY*? Angry techie takes against Naked Security…

Help a sysadmin: Common ground for security professionals and system administrators

Privacy and online safety

Normal humans – aka “non-celebrities” – are telling Big Brother to go stick his head in a sack

Will web censorship plans make your kids safer? [POLL]

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