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Facebook transparency, Apple bugs, SEA DDoSes itself - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Which country came top of Facebook's new "Government Requests" report aimed at outing the countries that fish for Facebook user data the most? (I bet you're thinking it's the USA - but it isn't.)

Watch this week's 60 Second Security and find out!

Facebook to include profile photos in its facial recognition database?

Facebook to include profile photos in its facial recognition database

Building on its use of facial recognition, Facebook has highlighted how it plans to use members' profile pictures as an identification tool to allow their friends to tag them in photos.

Apple apps turned upside down writing right to left - you're only 6 characters from a crash!


Apple's iOS and OS X are currently under what can only be described as a "jolly irritating attack."

Certain text strings, when processed by the operating system's CoreText rendering engine, cause the application that's trying to display them to crash.

Internet dating scam - mother and daughter crime duo jailed

Internet dating scam - mother and daughter crime duo jailed

Mother and daughter, Karen and Tracy Vasseur from Colorado, US, have been jailed for a total of 27 years after they tricked unsuspecting victims into thinking they were talking to members of the US military who needed money to be sent to them.

Apple neglects OS X privilege escalation bug for six months, gets Metasploit on its case...


Six months ago, we wrote about a risky bug in the sudo command, the Unix equivalent of Run As... on Windows.

The vulnerability is still unpatched on OS X, and now there's a Metasploit exploit pack to take advantage of the hole.

Tor usage doubles in August. New privacy-seeking users or botnet?

Tor usage more than doubles in August. Is it PRISM-related?

The anonymising service Tor has seen a huge surge in popularity this month with the number daily users shooting up to over 1,200,000 from a fairly consistent average of 550,000 directly connected users over the last year.

Anatomy of a dropped call - how to jam a city with 11 customised mobile phones


German researchers have shown how commodity mobile phones can be turned into call jammers.

Worse still, their attacks could be adapted for eavesdropping and even interception, where a crook receives your calls or SMSes instead of you.

Reality TV mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin sues husband for "hacking" email, phone, revealing private info

Reality TV mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin sues husband for "hacking" email, phone, revealing private info

Kate Gosselin, who appeared in a reality TV docusoap about her life with her eight children, including sextuplets, is suing her husband for allegedly hacking into her personal email account, her phone and her bank account, as well as stealing a hard drive full of personal files including family photos.

Secure Google Docs email results in mailbox compromise


As cloud services become more pervasive criminals continue to try and convince corporate users to surrender their identities.

Google Docs is the latest target, so look out!

Schools hire snoopers to monitor kids on social networks. Is it OK? [POLL]

Social media snoopers hired by district to watch what children are saying online

Are you worried about what your child is up to on social media? Well, if you live in Southern California, you may have a few extra people watching your child's back.

Facebook pays out $20 million in personal ads settlement; each user gets $15

Facebook logo with dollar bars

A US District Judge, Richard Seeborg, ruled on Monday that Facebook must pay out a total of $20 million over its Sponsored Stories adverts. The settlement is the conclusion to a class action lawsuit brought over two years ago over the social networking giant's use of members' names and pictures without consent.

Surprise! First ever Facebook "Government Requests" report reveals the most inquisitive authorities...

Facebook Government Requests logo on flag

Facebook has released its first ever Global Government Requests Report, listing all the national authorities that have requested access to information on its users.

Don't want "the man" to know about it? Don't share it!

Google Palestine hijacked: hackers say rename Israel to Palestine, listen to RiRi


Google's domain serving the Palestinian territories, Google Palestine, was hijacked on Monday by hackers urging Google to rename Israel to Palestine in Google Maps (and the rest of us to listen to Rihanna).

Syrian Electronic Army brings down Twitter and The New York Times through domain name provider hack


The Syrian Electronic Army attacked an internet domain name provider today taking down for a short time the websites of The New York Times and Twitter for some users,

SSCC 115 - XP "as a giant 0-day", choosing and remembering passwords, and next-gen HTTP [PODCAST]


News, opinion, advice and research!

Chet and Duck bring you their unique and entertaining coverage of all four in their regular quarter-hour podcast.

Pinterest And StumbleUpon patch critical flaws that could have exposed over 100 million users' email addresses

Pinterest And StumbleUpon patch critical flaws that could have exposed over 100 million users' email addresses

Websites Pinterest and StumbleUpon have patched critical vulnerabilities in their services that could have enabled an attacker to discover users' email addresses.

Whistleblower-friendly site Cryptome booted briefly offline for hosting "malicious content"


US whistleblower-friendly site Cryptome recently suffered a short outage, after it was booted offline by its ISP and then let back.

Paul Ducklin looks for security lessons in the story...

Lady Gaga rallies Little Monsters against Applause 'hackers'


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga, has stirred up her Twitter followers by taking foul-mouthed aim at 'hackers' who leaked her latest single.

Lee Munson asks, "Is this proof that not all 'data breaches' are bad for business?"

Monday review - the hot 20 stories of the week


It's Monday again, so here are the last week's hot stories all in one place.

Catch up quickly with the last 20 Naked Security articles!

NSA "cracked" UN teleconferencing system - how safe is yours?

German magazine Der Spiegel claims the NSA managed to crack the UN's videoconferencing system.

How secure are *your* teleconferences? Do you keep your ears and eyes open for eavesdroppers?