Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week

Did you miss anything in the past week?

Here’s a recap of the hot 21 stories of the past seven days, so you can catch up quickly!


LinkedIn closes OAuth hole that could let other people in

General interest

Win cool prizes in the BlackHat 2013 #sophospuzzle!

$80 million yacht hijacked by students spoofing GPS signals

Making progress with the BH2013 #sophospuzzle

Good morning, Las Vegas! Big #sophospuzzle hints!

Facebook users worldwide (mostly) getting secure web browsing

XKeyScore, Bradley Manning and more – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Hacking and scams

UK report: Banks let e-criminals pinch gobs of money

Humans still the weakest link as phishing gets smarter

Law and order

$300 million ‘superhackers’ are not so super after all

Bradley Manning: guilty of espionage but not aiding the enemy

Malware alert while seeking child abuse images at work

Malware and exploits

ZeroAccess malware revisited – new version yet more devious

Mobile devices

Apple to fix iPhones’ vulnerability to boobytrapped chargers

Privacy and online safety

PRISM: 50% of Americans approve

White House mulls waving cash at businesses for cybersecurity

PII of 72,000 staff taken in University of Delaware hack

Who likes porn sites better than Facebook or Twitter?

Newly exposed NSA tool, XKeyscore, sees ‘nearly everything’

Rabid trolls prompt Twitter to promise ‘Report Abuse’ button

NSA’s XKeyscore is a global dragnet for vulnerable systems

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