Monday review – the hot 20 stories of the week

It’s weekly roundup time!

Here’s all the great stuff we’ve written in the past seven days.


Anatomy of a brute force attack – what about password complexity?

How much security would you expect in a $60 light globe?

General interest

SSCC 114 – Bitcoins, OpenX and Email privacy [PODCAST]

Android randomness, Sniffer bins & more: 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

HTTP error code 451: “Unavailable For Legal Reasons”

Hacking and scams

eBay troll and fraudster ‘Ebayisajoke’ staked out and unmasked

Baby-monitor hacker spies on and swears at sleeping 2-year-old

CNN, Time and Washington Post redirect users to SEA site

Miss Teen USA 2013 says sextortionist hacked webcam

Law and order

Two Canadian men charged in connection with suicide victim

Aussie ATM criminals embrace 3D printers for cashpoint crimes

OS and software

Heads up for Patch Tuesday: 8 bulletins, 3 critical, reboot needed

Patch Tuesday for August 2013 – 3 critical, 5 important

Microsoft pulls critical Patch Tuesday fix for Exchange 2013

LastPass gets patch against password leakage bug

Privacy and online safety

London says media company’s spying rubbish bins stink

Fired flight attendant forced to give employer access to Facebook

Google says people can’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail

Data breaches – over half are due to carelessness, says ICO

Wait, what? Twitter is a terrorist?

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