Monday review – the hot 19 stories of the week

Monday review

Catch up with everything we’ve written in the last seven days with our handy roundup.

General interest

Lady Gaga rallies Little Monsters against Applause ‘hackers’

Apple apps turned upside down writing right to left – you’re only 6 characters from a crash!

Anatomy of a dropped call – how to jam a city with 11 customised mobile phones

Whistleblower-friendly site Cryptome booted briefly offline for hosting “malicious content”

SSCC 115 – XP “as a giant 0-day”, choosing and remembering passwords, and next-gen HTTP [PODCAST]

Facebook transparency, Apple bugs, SEA DDoSes itself – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Hacking and scams

Secure Google Docs email results in mailbox compromise

Google Palestine hijacked: hackers say rename Israel to Palestine, listen to RiRi

Syrian Electronic Army brings down Twitter and The New York Times through domain name provider hack

Law and order

Leak of kids’ social services info earns Aberdeen City Council £100k fine

Internet dating scam – mother and daughter crime duo jailed

Reality TV mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin sues husband for “hacking” email, phone, revealing private info

Facebook pays out $20 million in personal ads settlement; each user gets $15

Social networks

Facebook to include profile photos in its facial recognition database?

Schools hire snoopers to monitor kids on social networks. Is it OK? [POLL]

Surprise! First ever Facebook “Government Requests” report reveals the most inquisitive authorities

Pinterest And StumbleUpon patch critical flaws that could have exposed over 100 million users’ email addresses

OS and software

Apple neglects OS X privilege escalation bug for six months, gets Metasploit on its case…

Privacy and online safety

Tor usage doubles in August. New privacy-seeking users or botnet?

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