Monday review – the hot 24 stories of the week

Monday review

Missed anything last week? Catch up with everything we talked about with our weekly roundup.

General interest

Facebook realities, OS X patched, Yahoo! CEO security! shocker! – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Should employees be punished for sloppy cyber security? [POLL]

SSCC 116 – Google Authenticator, Apple bugs, Facebook data probes, WordPress phishing [PODCAST]

Men are twice as likely to spy on their partner’s phone

Law and order

Anonymous hacker @ItsKahuna sentenced to 3 years for hacking police sites

12 arrested as UK cops foil Santander bank heist plot

Police probe second news group over phone hacking

Google loses appeal in Wi-Fi data grab case

Social networks

57% of college students think their Facebook postings aren’t vile at ALL!

Mobile devices

New Apple iPhone 5s to feature “Touch ID” fingerprint authentication

Apple’s “Touch ID” fingerprint login – not everyone is cock-a-hoop about it

Size doesn’t matter – at least, not quite as much as smartphone privacy


Rudest man in Linuxdom rants about randomness – “We actually know what we are doing. You don’t.”

Windows Picture Passwords – are they really as “easily crackable” as everyone’s saying?

OS and software

September Patch Tuesday is out – one update lost en route, 13 patches left, 8 RCE, 4 critical

Adobe has Patch Tuesdays, too – a reader reminds us!

Microsoft endures Patch Horror Day on Friday 13th – issues updates to 8 of 13 updates

Apple ships OS X 10.8.5 security update – fixes “sudo” bug at last

WordPress issues security fixes, advises “update your sites immediately”

Privacy and online safety

Would you believe it? Women more in favour of porn filters than men

It’s not up to Google to stop child abuse, says expert

US health care company faces giant class action suit for losing over 4,000,000 unencrypted records

Google to encrypt data “end-to-end” in effort to block NSA and other agencies

Yahoo hops on transparency report bandwagon

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