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3 Responses to Facebook sues alleged Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape spammer

  1. Jane · 687 days ago

    Much hypocrisy on the part of Facebook since they are perfectly happy to permit all sorts of people to access personal information, to take over people's timeline and to harvest contact and email addresses at will provided they pay Facebook for the privilege. Just take a look at what most of the games insist you agree to some time. Now they are making it impossible to prevent anyone from searching for you by name.

  2. Bill · 687 days ago

    Perhaps the "reimbursement for botheration" should be paid to the unwitting people who clicked the link -albeit they have themselves to blame, otherwise, to me, it seems that Facebook is willing to turn these acts into profit-making for themselves. They bombard us with these apps and unwanted adds but are greedy enough to want to profit from the scams they don't allow. Probably the only thing bugging Facebook is they were in danger of not getting a cut!

  3. Andrew · 687 days ago

    no not Facebook again it seems to me all they can do is cause trouble, what with one thing or another I believe Facebook is not worth the trouble, time to leave it behind

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