FTC slapdown, no iPhone for Mr President, and Dutch banks get tough – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

60 Second Security:

• How could the brightest flashlight leave you in the dark?

• Do you need to close Joel’s Backdoor?

• Why can’t the President choose his own phone?

• Should you update your anti-virus before you bank online?

Find out by watching 60 Second Security for 07 December 2013.

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Previous three episodes:

30 Nov 2013
“Sneaky TV”
23 Nov 2013
16 Nov 2013

In this episode:

  • FTC acts against “Brightest Flashlight” app for deceptively tracking your location
  • D-Link patches “Joel’s Backdoor” security hole in its SoHo routers
  • iPhones are off limits to President Obama for “security reasons”
  • Dutch banks set common rules for online banking. But have they gone far enough?

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