Please vote for Naked Security in the 2014 Security Blogger Awards!

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Vote for us!

Actually, we didn't mean to put it quite so bluntly.

What we really meant to say was, "Please vote for us, if you haven't already. We'd be most grateful."

Here's what we're asking you to do.

For the last few years, the Security Blogger Awards have taken place at the RSA conference in San Fransisco.

There are numerous award categories, including Most Educational, Most Entertaining, and Blog That Best Represents The Security Industry.

Naked Security has done well in the past, scooping Most Educational Security Blog in 2011, and coming home with Best Corporate Security Blog in 2012 and 2013.

We won because you, our readers, backed us - thanks!

Naked Security 2014

This year, our category is The Blog That Best Represents The Security Industry, and, to put not too fine a point upon it, we'd love to win.

Click to vote

Voting is open until 14 February 2014, which is this coming Friday, Valentine's Day.

So if you haven't voted already, please consider casting your ballot in our direction.

(Note. The voting form requires you to give your name and email address, and you need to vote before the end of Friday 2014-02-14.)

By the way, if you're going to be at RSA yourself, please drop by our booth and say, "Hi!"

Sophos's stand is on Booth 2701 in the North Expo Hall - you can register for a free RSA Expo Pass from our website.

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17 Responses to Please vote for Naked Security in the 2014 Security Blogger Awards!

  1. Mary Ann Powell · 601 days ago

    Should have a category "Blog that gets the most shares" because I am always sharing your posts with our customers.

  2. I unsuccessfully voted for you: in some other categories I have never read any of the blogs, so I left them blank, and the voting page didn't let me through.

    • Paul Ducklin · 601 days ago

      Thanks for trying. We appreciate your predicament - in previous years (if memory serves) you didn't have to vote in all the categories.

      • Sam · 600 days ago

        This forced voting makes the whole exercise a total farce. I voted for you and Graham Cluley and a whole lot of folks I've never read. I would find it hard to believe that any more than a very few voters will have read something in every category. It becomes a lottery rather than a vote.

  3. Pedro · 601 days ago

    Voted :) Good luck

  4. Xycles · 601 days ago

    Hey Voted.. Thank you.

  5. Roger Adams · 601 days ago

    Voted for you this evening. Great blog, great support, great products, great company.

  6. Clive Varejes · 601 days ago

    No request/begging necessary.
    Sophos Naked Security is the best by a long way.
    Only a pleasure to vote for you.

  7. rayray · 601 days ago


  8. JC Torpey · 601 days ago

    Done :-) I had the same issue as laodongviet2 though. I knew some of the names in the other categories so I voted for them - they probably deserve the votes anyway. Good job Sophos!

  9. HannekeTT · 601 days ago

    Done. Sophos and some quite random strangers..

  10. MSpeiser · 600 days ago

    Voted! Happy to support Sophos as you are essential reading.

  11. I sorry but I was unable to vote because it would force me to vote in every category which I knew nothing of and would be unfair to all. Voting BLINDLY cheapens the whole procedure and makes it meaningless, like the Nobel Prize Awards. We all know Sophos is the best anyway.

    • Paul Ducklin · 600 days ago

      We don't understand why they changed the process to force a vote even in categories like "best individual blog post." Unless you happened to read all of them, you can't really make a fair comparison and probably want to abstain.

  12. Anonymous · 598 days ago

    I read a plenty of security blogs . I have to admit that this one of the best I read . Hell . I even convent enough to install and recommend sophos app for mobile phones .
    Keep up guys !

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