Naked Security wins at the Security Blogger Awards!

To everyone who voted for us to win in this year’s Security Blogger Awards, “Thanks!”

Friend and colleague Chester Wisniewski emailed me, pleased as a peacock, from the awards ceremony in San Francisco…

We won!

This is the fourth award that the Naked Security team has brought home from the RSA conference in four years.

We were voted Most Educational Security Blog in 2011, Best Corporate Security Blog in 2012 and 2013, and in 2014, just hours ago, in fact, The Blog That Best Represents The Security Industry.

In previous years, voting was limited to other security bloggers.

This year, however, voting was open to all, so it is you, our readers, who did it for us – thanks again!

By the way, a huge part of our success is not so much knowing how to write our stories, but knowing what to write about, and why it would be useful to do so.

And for the what and why, we have to say, “Thanks” to all of you yet again.

Your enthusiatic engagement with Naked Security through comments and email is really what made this award possible.

We love hearing your comments and reading your tips, so please keep them coming!

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Image of retro-style chap holding aloft victory cup courtesy of Shutterstock.