Facebook is not launching a "No Religion" or a "No Swearing" campaign

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We received a tip off from a reader, Ramona, today about the latest Facebook hoax that's doing the rounds.

Badly spelled and posing as messages from "Mark Zukerberg", the images allege that Facebook is mounting both a "No Religion" and a "No Swearing" campaign.

Both campaigns apparently start in ten days time, on 20 March 2014.

Facebook No Religion

No religion campaign


As of March 20/2014, we at Facebook will be launching a "No Religion" Campaign. Anyone caught spreading religious beliefs in any form will have their account locked, and further pending investigations may be held.

This due to the new laws issued by our legal department (section 182 P34b) as new advertisers and groups have petitioned for a "more logical" and "adult" social network.

If a user(you) continues to spread any form of religious propaganda will be shut down and a permanent ban will be placed into effect, immediately.

- Mark Zukerberg

The "No Swearing" campaign is largely the same:

Facebook No Swearing

No Swearing Campaign


As of March 20/2014 we at facebook will be launching a "No Swearing" Campain, Anyone caught using profanity will have their account locked further a pending investigation.

This due to the new laws issued by our legal department (section 182 P34b) as new advertisers have petitioned for a "cleaner" family friendly social network.

If a user continues to use profanity the account will be shut down and a permanent ban will be placed into effect immediately.

- Mark Zuckerberg

These aren't real. Facebook isn't banning religion from the site, nor is it putting a permanent account ban on anyone with a foul mouth.

Please resist spreading these hoaxes. They just cause concern for others.

You only need to look as far as the Talking Angela hoax that got a lot of parents worried recently that the cartoon cat was, in fact, hiding a secret paedophile behind her eyes.

She wasn't.

The posts have spelling and grammar mistakes in them, which is often a clue that something is a hoax.

It also mentions new "laws" that have been implemented by Facebook's legal department. Last time we looked, Facebook wasn't able to set any laws.

Rules for using the site maybe, but not laws.

If you have any doubt in your mind, don't spread these kinds of posts.

Read our three tips on how to avoid Facebook hoaxes, and if you're still not sure if something's a hoax or not, email us at tips@sophos.com and we'll let you know.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook to stay ahead of scams and hoaxes - it's much better to share a helpful article with your friends than perpetuate an alarming hoax.

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9 Responses to Facebook is not launching a "No Religion" or a "No Swearing" campaign

  1. Anonymous · 580 days ago

    If nothing else tipped you off, you could tell it's hoax because it says Facebag wants a "more logical" and "adult" social network. No they don't. If they did, they wouldn't exist in the first place.

    • Anonymous · 319 days ago

      Facebag, Facebutt, Facebox, Face....(continue) ;-)))

  2. Kurt S. · 580 days ago

    Well, gee whiz, I read it on the Internet so it MUST be True. Never have known of any company that has the legal authority to pass a "law". However, it would be nice if the foulmouthed expletived deleted were sanctioned.

  3. Andrew · 580 days ago

    Facebook is supposed to be an adult social site. adults can do as they like within reason. American laws to profanity do not apply to people who are outside of the boarders of the USA. The USA will not have much fun as these people are not American citizens. so your laws will not be obeyed
    So Facebook if you want to make Facebook an American adult site then say good bye to the millions of revenue that you receive from the rest of the world. So think it through before it hits you in the pocket

    • Laurence Marks · 580 days ago

      @Andrew. What was it they said about grammar and spelling errors affecting credibility?

  4. JimH338 · 580 days ago

    Where are all these spelling errors that are being referred to? While the grammar leaves a lot to be desired, I found only one word misspelled - and the state of our education system is such that one incorrect spelling does not signal a hoax. You should see the errors I see in what is supposed to be college level essays.

    • Paul Ducklin · 580 days ago

      Zukerberg. Permanant. Illiterate punctuation. Incorrect capitalisation. There are admittedly only a few errors, but definitely more than one.

      This isn't pretending to be a college-level essay, remember. It's pretending to be a communique from Facebook, a company with written English that is usually of excellent quality. (Well, you may not like what they are telling you, but in respect of grammar, orthography, spelling and the name of the CEO, they almost always get it right :-)

  5. Paul · 580 days ago

    I wish they would ban at least some profanity - I don't care where it is or in what context, some language used is beyond common decency (and I'm ex-military, so have probably heard it all before!)

  6. Anonymous · 579 days ago

    that's why u have a blocker

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