Bitcoin, Snapchat and XP as you’ve never heard them before – special coverage for April the First!

It’s April the First, and we thought we’d celebrate the day with something a bit different.

So instead of doing an April Fool, we’ve gone for some April Fun.

We took three recent computer security stories, and turned them into poems!

More precisely, we turned them into rhyming verse. Doggerel, in fact.

So, with apologies to the great Canadian versifier, Mr Robert William Service, we bring you:

Have fun – you can listen (they’re only about a minute each), or just read then to yourself below:

(Audio player above not working for you? Download to listen offline, or listen on Soundcloud.)

Click on the poems to go to the articles they refer to. You can also view the poems in text form.

Click to read: "Where have all the Bitcoins gone?"

Click to read: "Snapchat images that have disappeared forever stay right on your phone..."

Click to read: "The Final Countdown - Windows XP end of support popup has started"

Image of party guy courtesy of Shutterstock.

Image of cartoon cybercrook with swag-bag courtesy of Shutterstock.