Firefox slams Chrome again in our trustworthy browser poll

Our poll says Firefox is the most trusted browser, but there's a lot of distrust too

Composite image of browser logos and champion's cup from ShutterstockWe asked Naked Security readers which web browser you trust the most – and we got more than 3,400 votes in our poll.

The biggest group of respondents – 48% – said Firefox is the browser they trust the most, with 700 more votes than second-place Chrome with 27%.

Internet Explorer (7.4%) was just edged out by Safari (8%) for the third spot, with Opera (5%) getting the fifth spot.

Finally, there were around 5% who voted “other” and gave us write-in answers like Chromium, Tor, Pale Moon, Comodo Ice, Seamonkey, Lynx, and – tellingly – “none.”


These results are very similar to what we found out a year ago when we asked the same question – and Firefox similarly burned Chrome for first place.

What’s really interesting is what readers of our post here on Naked Security and on our Facebook page said in the comments.

Commenter “Paul” said he doesn’t trust any of them:


I don't trust any of them, I use throw away virtual machines quite often.

Other comments on our Facebook page reflected similar sentiments from people who don’t trust any major web browser when it comes to handling security and privacy on top of all their internet browser needs.

Facebook commenter Glenn Hurse gave an impassioned response, saying he uses Chrome because it fits his needs comfortably, but he would not trust it:


TRUST? none.. What do you mean by TRUST? Do I trust that it will not relay my usage info to a 3rd party? Do I trust it to not allow some bug to attack my PC? Do I trust that the available add ons are safe, malware free or not malware prone? Do I trust that it will not crash in the middle of something no no real reason? Do I trust that the browser will live up to the the marketing, Fan-boy or new user hype? Or do I trust the Browser with my daughter to be home safe at 10pm?

The answer is the same.. NO!!

Chrome, Firefox, Ice dragon, Safari, Opera, etc All have issues that will cause us some level off concern at some time or another..

But I use chrome NOT because I trust it.. but it is like an old shoe.. it is comfortable and a couple of its extensions are helpful.. .. And I will not let it date my daughter...

So who you gonna trust?

We also received a lot of positive comments about ways our readers increase their privacy through add-ons and browser controls.

For example, commenter “Bear” said to use Firefox with NoScript, Adblock Plus, Safe Preview and KeePass for password management rather than the browser.

Improve your online privacy and security by keeping up to date with operating system updates and make sure you use an anti-virus.

And, we hope you’ll continue to get all the best security and privacy advice from us at Naked Security … stay safe!

Image of champion’s cup courtesy of Shutterstock.