Happy SysAdminDay!

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Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day - the day we say thanks to all the unsung heroes of IT.


This week, Sophos has been giving away a shedload of socks to sysadmins, not to mention a throne of epic proportions to one lucky winner (to be announced later today).

But the prizes don’t stop there.

Party hats. Image courtesy of ShutterstockWe have five SysAdmin survival kits to give away. All you need to do tell us the worst thing to say to a sysadmin.

Leave a comment on our poll article and we’ll send a survival kit to the authors of the five comments that receive the highest number of upvotes on the page.

And, if you’re not a sysadmin and you’re wondering what they actually do, we spoke to one of our very own sysadmins to get a run down of a typical day at Sophos.

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2 Responses to Happy SysAdminDay!

  1. tattooed mummy · 440 days ago

    I'm fairly sure that any request with the ready assumption it will be easy and quick for you to do, also the sort where, 'you have loads of time, I don't need it until tomororow so no hurry' as though a)they really do have a clue and b) you have no other work to do at all, you were just sitting there, playing minesweeper, waiting for their request.

  2. Chris Vee · 439 days ago

    I usually get a lot of "I have a quick question."
    Some others I usually get are, "why can't I view this, or why isn't this working."
    Lately I have been getting questions regarding facebook, and this is the question I get about every other day, "can yiu fix may facebook". Just irritates the hell out of me, don't people know I have nothing to do with facebook lol.

    And last but not least, I have quite a number of friends call me, a general conversation sometimes ends up with the friend saying, "oh by the way, I have this problem with my computer, do you know what's wrong with it or how I can fix it."
    Sometimes I feel like I am my friends helpdesk. Sheesh.

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