What’s the worst thing you can say to a sysadmin? [POLL]

Talking to the sysadmin

Today is SysAdmin Day, a day for showing our respect for the embattled and unappreciated heroes whose unseen endeavours make our modern workplace function

It’s also a day for running our annual poll to find out what’s the worst thing you can say to a sysadmin?

This year we can offer you inspiration with an amusing video made, courtesy of our very creative marketing folks, in aid of our sponsorship of Spicework’s twelve days of sysmas.

(Check out more videos on our YouTube channel)

If these folks remind you of the people you spend your days and nights rescuing poor, defenceless computing devices from then vote in our poll.

We’ve updated this year’s poll with your favourite comments from last year but if you think we’ve missed anything leave us a message below.

We’ll be giving away five sysadmin survival kits to the five most upvoted suggestions in our comments section, so get creative!