Sophos Techknow – Firewalls Demystified [PODCAST]

We’re very proud of the Sophos firewall, because it protects you in many ways.

For example, it can stop hackers worming their way in via SQL injection, the sort of attack said to have allowed a Russian cybergang to build up a stash of more than one billion user records of various sorts.

It gives you a reliable way to control remote access to your network, to prevent the sort of break-in that crooks have been using to implant malware called Backoff onto point-of-sale servers.

It keeps out spam and phishing attempts, making it harder for crooks to use email to get a foothold inside your network.

It stops spam getting out, which not only saves your from the corporate embarrassment of being flagged as a spammer, but also provides early warning that there’s a rogue computer inside your network.

Clearly, the word firewall has a lot more shades of meaning in 2014 than it did in 1994.

Back then, firewalls were mostly about IP numbers and ports, dealing with who could connect to whom, but not worrying about the when, the why or the how.

Nowadays, we expect a firewall to provide us with more defence in greater depth, and we use the word to cover a lot more security bases than in the past.

So…who better to help us to demystify the modern firewall than Sophos security expert Chester Wisniewski?

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