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3 Responses to Delaware passes law to give others access to our e-lives when we die

  1. Robert J. LaPorte · 380 days ago

    Oh, I get it. So now the NSA (perhaps disguised as the Social Security Administration or the Census Bureau) will have to be authorized to install back-doors into all encryption systems, just in case I die. If I die, everybody is going to be SOL. Sorry. This type of legislation is an attempt to do indirectly that which nobody would allow government to do directly.

  2. asaph11 · 380 days ago

    You could draw up a digital will. Or you could just keep login account information written down and stored in a physical lockbox along with all of your other important financial papers so that your loved ones can access accounts if they need to.

  3. EBranwell · 376 days ago

    The distress is great enough at a death so untimely that records were not left of how to access all digital information.
    In Europe, under the Convention on Human Rights, there is Article 1 of Protocol 1, known as "A1,P1." It deals with the rights a person has in respect of what they own, which can be intellectual rights. Inheritance does not require a will. If someone can establish t6he closest relationship, that person becomes the inheritor.
    I wonder how this law affects matters where digital property is destroyed, or access refused, by other than the inheritor.
    Can anyone give an authoritative opinion?

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