Android users - Sophos needs you (and you could bag a prize)!

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Sophos Mobile Security appSophos is looking for beta testers for the new version of Sophos Anti-Virus and Security, our free security app for Android.

Sophos Anti-Virus and Security protects Android devices without compromising performance or battery life. Using up-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, it automatically scans apps as you install them to make sure you're not putting anything nasty on your phone or tablet.

Other features include a privacy advisor, data and device encryption, and per-app password protection that you can set up for sensitive apps like your email.

It's already been downloaded more than 100,000 times from Google Play.

We need as many beta testers as possible for the new version. So, if you're interested, here is how to sign up:

  1. Join the Sophos Mobile Beta Google group.
  2. We'll send you an email with instructions on how to opt-in. Easy!

And, to sweeten the deal, we're giving away 20 Google Play gift cards worth $25 USD.

Good luck!

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7 Responses to Android users - Sophos needs you (and you could bag a prize)!

  1. xorinzor · 373 days ago

    I already love the current Sophos Mobile antivirus, wonder what new features and gui-looks it will have in the new beta :)

  2. Jon · 373 days ago

    Too bad you require the use of social media to join. Some of us are not on that bandwagon. You would think a security minded website would understand that.

    • xorinzor · 372 days ago

      I'd hardly call google groups "social media", its more a development community based group

    • Andrew Ludgate · 371 days ago

      While I personally feel for you, there's some irony in this statement, as if you're using Android, you're already in the Google ecosystem. Groups aren't quite like Circles or Hangouts -- they're closer to usenet groups. And since you've got an Android phone, you've already got the Google account.

  3. 'Android users - Sophos needs you (and you could bag a prize)!"

    So, you do know this is how most phishing scams lure in their little "phishies"...?

  4. Done! I love testing out things, and I already use your Android Anti-Virus, so why not? :)

  5. oooo $25 worth of Google Play garbage. Not worth it.

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