Apple releases tool to fix vanishing iMessage issue

Apple releases Deregister iMessage tool to fix vanishing text issue

iMessage iconAre you an ex-iPhone owner whose iMessages have disappeared into a black hole from whence they never return?

If so, Apple now has a fix for that.

Since 2011, iPhone users have been able to take advantage of iMessage, a service that allows them to communicate with each other over data networks and Wi-Fi without eating into their monthly text message allowances.

That was all well and good until the user swapped handsets, away from Apple.

Texts which were previously iMessages weren’t arriving at the user’s new phone.

Fortunately, Apple has finally released a way to Deregister iMessage if you no longer have your iDevice.

The web-based tool is extremely easy to use – simply enter your country and the phone number you wish to deregister from iMessage and Apple will send a 6-digit code to the device you are currently using.

Once you receive that code, enter it on the same website and Apple will deregister the phone number for you.

That it took the company so long to fix the bug is surprising considering how long it has known about the issue.

Back in May, a woman sued the Apple over claims that switching to an Android handset interfered with the delivery of her text messages.

That case, which ended up becoming a class action, has recently moved into private mediation where the claimants will meet with Apple to discuss how they plan to move forward.