Happy holidays, thanks, and a request from us to you

Baubles. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Baubles. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.It’s that time of year when many of our Naked Security writers go on a little break, so you might notice we’ll be a bit quieter for the next couple of weeks.

It’s been a busy year for us here. In no particular order we waved goodbye to XP and TrueCrypt, said hello (begrudgingly) to Heartbleed and Shellshock, witnessed the celebrity iCloud hack and waded through lot of hysteria over a talking cat.

We showed you how to pick a proper password and spent 12 days of December asking you questions about the year.

(Congratulations to everyone who won a T-shirt and, especially to our ueberprize winner Trillian Ross who was selected out of those who answered correctly every day for the 12 days.)

We even won a couple of awards ourselves. Aww shucks.

So this post is a thanks to every one of you who read Naked Security this year.

Special thanks to those who contributed to our site, via comments on Naked Security or Facebook, by tweeting us, subscribing to our newsletter or by sending us a tip. You are all awesome.

It’s been a while since we asked you for feedback, so here’s where we turn it over to you…

We’d love to know what you like and what you don’t like, what you want to see more of, and anything else you think we should know.

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‘Til next year…

Image of baubles courtesy of Shutterstock.