Get into Infosec Europe 2015 for free, hear great talks!

Are you going to be in or around London, England, next week?

If so, why not drop in and see us at Infosec Europe at Olympia?

Get a free show pass on us!

The event is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (2/3/4 June 2015).

Several of the Naked Security team will be there, including our tireless Editor-in-Chief, Anna Brading; the presenter of our up-for-an-award Chet Chat podcast, Chester Wisniewski; and Yours Truly, Paul Ducklin.

We’d love to meet you, and we’ve love to have you at one of more of the talks we’ll be giving on the stand.

If you’ve not attended Sophos trade show talks before, you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

No paid actors, no sales pitches and no canned product demos: we’re giving educational presentations that we hope will both entertain and educate.

Like Naked Security articles, but live on stage!

Better yet, the talks are repeated regularly, so you can stop by any time.

You can read more on the Infosec Europe 2015 conference page on the main Sophos website, but here are some samples:

Chester Wisniewski: When Penguins Attack
Linux’s role in the malware ecosystem

The myth about there being no Linux malware is long busted. In fact, you could call Linux the engine room of modern malware-based cybercrime. This talk will show you why, and teach you to avoid being part of the problem.

Paul Ducklin: Cracking cryptographic ciphers – how to do it!

Here’s an entertaining and informative whirlwind tour of some great crypto-cracks of history, so you can avoid repeating other people’s mistakes.

James Burchell: Not the droids you are looking for…
Managing Androids against a wave of dodgyware

Keeping your Android safe isn’t like the good old days of anti-virus, where the line between good and bad was pretty clear cut. Here’s how to do it.

Free entry, free talks, and fun people to talk to.

Oh, and if you’re up for it, you could end up in our Naked Security video!

We’ll be talking on camera to visitors to get your answers to the question, “What do you think will the crooks try next?”