You’ve got (unencrypted) mail! [Chet Chat Podcast 223]

Sophos Security Chet Chat – Episode 223 – Nov 25, 2015

Join Sophos experts John Shier and Paul Ducklin for the latest episode of our security podcast.

The week’s news made fun, informative and educational – all in a tight, quarter-hour format.


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In this episode:

• [0’46”] Gmail to warn about unencrypted emails
• [2’31”] Chipotle in email “backscatter” SNAFU
• [5’42”] Forget BadBIOS, here comes BadBarcode
• [7’24”] How much do you trust your search engine?
• [10’09”] Will e-commerce sites protect you from yourself?
• [12’25”] Stay safe online during seasonal shopping

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