Advent tip #9: Think before you share on social media

Maybe it sounds obvious, but oversharing on social media is a BAD idea.

Remember when Jim Carrey tweeted a picture of a child without getting his parents’ permission? Bad idea, Jim.

Or the woman who posted a photo of a “creep” to Facebook that she thought was taking photos of her kids. He was actually taking a selfie with Darth Vader. Sadly, she’d already done the damage with her Facebook-shaming before the man could explain what he was really up to.

But it’s not just oversharing photos of people.

Remember the @NeedADebitCard Twitter account? It named, retweeted and shamed anyone who posted pictures of their credit or debit cards on Twitter. There were a lot of tweets.

Then there was the boy who accidentally set his Facebook party event to “public” and ended up with a very trashed family home.

So whether it’s photos of other people, your credit card details, the fact that you’re HOLDING A REALLY AMAZING PARTY ON FRIDAY NIGHT or anything else, stop and think before you share.

Once it’s out there on the internet it’s hard to take it back.

Images of Christmas tree and Advent calendar courtesy of Shutterstock.