New Year’s resolutions from your end users…

If you remember, back in the middle of 2015, we made a video entitled This one’s for the IT Heroes.

We took a light-hearted look at the work that our IT heroes do when dealing with us troublesome users: forgotten passwords, downloaded malware, lost tablets, divulged data, midnight calls to the helpdesk, and much more.

(If you don’t remember the, ahem, characters from that video, have a quick look now. It’s only 2’49” long. And you will laugh, perhaps even at yourself.)

Well, our hapless users from the IT Heroes video are back, and this time, they’ve gone on the record with New Year’s resolutions to do it right in future.

So for sysadmins everywhere, especially those of you who are working over the holiday season, we prooudly present…


(No video? Watch on YouTube.)