Inside a hacker’s toolkit [Security SOS Week]

Every day this week, Sophos’s top security gurus are stepping up to the microphone to share their expertise with you, free of charge.

In each 30-minute webinar, Naked Security’s very own Paul Ducklin will be interviewing our experts to help you cut through the jargon and understand the real issues in computer security today.

Each webinar will take place at 2pm UK time (14:00 UTC, 15:00 CET, 10:00 EDT), and will consist of about 20 minutes of live interview, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Today’s webinar: Inside a hacker’s toolkit

Today, Paul Ducklin is talking to SophosLabs Principal Researcher Fraser Howard.

Hacking tools used to be all about breaking and entering…cracks to remove copy protection to run pirated games…keygens to make up bogus registration codes…wardiallers for finding hidden modems.

All that still goes on, but today’s budding cybercrooks, sadly, have many more resources up their sleeves.

Exploit kits, pay-per-install malware, malvertising, ransomware, phishing templates, spamming services, and a choice of secretive underground forums to buy and sell their ill-gotten gains – the list is long.

Fraser Howard will give us a fascinating insight into how all these cybercrime tools fit together, and what we can do to get the better of them.

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