Turn on two-step verification for your PSN account now!

We knew back in April that two-step verification was coming for PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts, but we didn’t know when.

We’re happy to say that “when” is “now.”

Sony tweeted on Wednesday night that users would be able to activate two-step verification (2SV) on their accounts. The tweet linked to a new security page that explains how it works.

2SV is also known as multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication (2FA), and Sony’s opted for the term 2SV.

If you activate 2SV, you’ll receive codes via SMS that you’ll need to input alongside your password and username.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a good idea to turn it on as soon as possible.

Yes, 2SV adds a bit of work to logging in. It’s a smidgen less convenient than just having a single login factor, such as a password that rarely changes.

But that smidgen of inconvenience translates into an extra mountain to climb for the crooks.

Given that 2SV entails a login code generated by a special app on your phone – or sent via SMS – it means that a crook not only has to steal your login credentials, but would also need to crack the verification code.

With Sony’s move to turn on 2SV, it’s boosted itself into the club of services that support this extra security step, which now includes…

…and, most important of all, likely, to Sony, the 2SV club also includes rival Microsoft, which turned on two-step verification more than 3 years ago, including for Xbox Live.

Don’t wait. We suggest you hit pause on whatever game you’re playing and turn on 2SV now!