14-year-old sues Facebook over nude photo posted to “shame” site

A 14-year-old girl from Northern Ireland is suing Facebook after a naked photo was published on a “shame” page and repeatedly reposted.

At a hearing in Belfast’s High Court, the girl’s attorney said that Facebook should have made blocking the image from being republished a “red-line” issue, the BBC reported on Thursday.

Her barrister:

A naked [14-year-old’s] picture was being put on a shame page.
If [Facebook] had blocked it, all this subsequent publication of her naked image would not have taken place.

Her lawyers claim that the picture was extorted from her and published over and over again online as a form of revenge.

Facebook has claimed that it took the photo down as soon as it was notified about it.

The girl, who can’t be identified, is seeking unspecified damages for misuse of private information, negligence and breach of the Data Protection Act.

The judge reserved his decision on an application to have the case halted, The BBC reports. That means that he’s reserving judgment until he can research the issues and write a judgment that summarizes the parties’ arguments and his research results.

It’s shocking to think of a 14-year-old being subjected to sextortion, but kids even younger — as young as 11 — have been victims of revenge porn.

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