Don’t be a security turkey this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US readers.

We hope you have a great day today, and we hope that you’ll have a good time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too.

In particular, we hope you stay clear of spammers, scammers, skimmers and the many cybercrooks who make a living out of getting between customers and retailers and helping themselves to your data (and your money) during the holiday season.

With that in mind, we’ve published these pieces this week:

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our Facebook Live video, or who watched it later, and to everyone who has liked it, loved it and shared it.

We hope it gives you the encouragement to keep security in mind now and in the future.

As we put it in the video:

Computer security is a bit like quitting smoking. You don’t go to a “quit smoking” day so you can have one day off. You go because you want to make a change in your lifestyle that will let you stop smoking forever. What we’re hoping is that our advice is general enough that it will help you specifically this weekend, but that it will also show you you can live life without taking some of the risks that you may have thought necessary in the past. Sort of, “2% less fun; 98% more security”, if you want to put it that way.

We talked about some of those lifestyle changes in the video, so if you haven’t watched the video yet, here it is:

Have a great weekend, and remember, when it comes to personal information, online or in the store: “If in doubt, don’t give it out.”