Best company name ever! Share capital £1, name priceless…

Assuming you’re a bit of a geek, how did you amuse yourself over your Christmas vacation?

We can imagine a number of ways.

  • You hacked the controller chip in the fairy lights at your Gran’s house so they spelled out a rude message. (Then ended up genuinely surprised when your family didn’t fall for your “Why does everyone always blame me?” act.)
  • You went to a rave with one of those crowd-sourced playlist sessions where the partygoers choose the music from their phones as the night unfolds, and ran a man-in-the-middle attack to pull off a series of audio rickrolls. (Then ended up genuinely surprised when your friends didn’t fall for your “Why does everyone always blame me?” act.)
  • You wrote a script to leave a voicemail on every extension at a nearby Army base asking the recipient to “Please call Colonel Sanders,” giving the number of a local KFC. (Then ended up genuinely surprised when your court-appointed lawyer didn’t fall for your “Why does everyone always blame me?” act.)
  • You decided to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get fit by going for a ride on your bicycle, but you couldn’t remember how to boot it up.

Or perhaps you spent your Christmas break registering a brand new UK Private Limited Company with the princely startup capital of One British Pound?

One man did just that, and as ungeeky as it sounds, we’d like to salute one of the UK’s newest company directors:

Samuel Thomas Pizzey, Esq.
1 Moyes Cottages 
Bentley Hall Road
Capel St. Mary 
United Kingdom 
IP9 2JL 

Mr Pizzey describes himself as a software developer, is 28 years old, gives the nature of his business as Information technology consultancy activities and he’s the proud Owner, Director and Person With Significant Control of:


We can’t wait to visit his website…

…but we’re definitely going to use Lynx as our browser.

In case you’re wondering, Samuel’s company name is a kind of techie pun referencing a hacking trick called SQL injection, where you sneakily bury a SQL command inside a database search term. Search engines that blindly trust the input you give them may end up running the embedded command instead of searching for it – and the command DROP TABLE is SQL’s way of saying DELETE ALL THE DATA. If you’d like to know more about how SQL injection works, please read our explanation, an annotated article written in plain but purposeful English.