Safer Internet Day – one thing that will make the biggest difference [VIDEO]

Naked Security was back on Facebook Live earlier this afternoon, because today is Safer Internet Day, and we thought we’d join in with some advice of our own.

This time, instead of offering you a short list of tips to try, we decided to focus on just one thing in your internet life: the one component where we think you can reap the biggest online security and safety rewards.

(Click here if the video window doesn’t appear above.)

We’d still love to take your questions and hear your comments, either under the video on Facebook, or by posting right here on Naked Security (you may post anonymously).

(Just in case you don’t watch to the end – because of the questions we received, the video is fairly long at 30 minutes – we’ll tell you that you can buy your own T-shirts like the one in the video in the Sophos Store.)

If you’d like to see our Safer Internet Day advice from recent years, you’ll find it here: