When scams know too much… [VIDEO]

Earlier today, we went live on Facebook to answer your questions about “scams that know too much”…

…like the one we wrote about last week when the crooks emailed thousands of people in the UK claiming to be in possession of personal data that had somehow come their way.

As “proof” of the claim, the crooks included full names and home addresses for the victims.

As it happened, that’s the only data they had – the plan was to frighten you into looking at the document they’d attached to see what else they knew about you, at which point they hit you up with malware.

Here’s our online discussion, with advice about this scam and much more:

(Click here if the video window doesn’t appear above.)

We’d still love to take your questions and hear your comments, either under the video on Facebook, or by posting right here on Naked Security (you may post anonymously).