Social engineering – explored and explained by our experts [VIDEO]

Are you worried about social engineering?

That’s the collective name for the tricks that cybercriminals use to make you feel comfortable (or scared, or confused) enough to let slip something that you later wish you’d kept to yourself.

Social engineering tricks start at the bluntly assertive end of the spectrum, such as a phone call claiming to be from your bank that insists, “Please tell me your PIN so I can confirm your identity.”

In the middle of the spectrum are innocent-sounding emails such as, “Your invoice is attached – please click below if there are any errors.”

And at the subtle end, the crooks may be happy to get their information a snippet at a time, for example by saying, “I was trying to get hold of that systems guy from IT, you know, the one with the beard and the Metallica T-shirts, what’s his name again?”

What to do?

Here’s a Facebook Live video featuring two entertaining and informative Sophos experts, James Burchell and Greg Iddon.

Watch our very own dynamic duo right here, as they explain the problem, and teach you how to fight back against social engineers…

If you’d like to hear more from James and Greg (or from other Sophos experts, for that matter) in the relaxed format of Facebook Live…

…please let us know in the comments below!