Are you a Sysadmin? Find out now for free!

It’s #SysAdminDay, and although most of us think we know what sysadmins are, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Some people say that if you yourself think you are a sysadmin, then ipso facto you are not; similarly, that if you think you are not a sysadmin, then ipso facto you are not.

(This does not leave the set of all sysadmins empty: if you form no personal opinion about whether you are a sysadmin or not, then it is clearly still possible for you to be one. Or not.)

We thought we’d try to sort out the confusion using a classification technique called “feature extraction”, which is where you try to identify those parts of an object that are sufficient on their own to differentiate between, say, documents and spreadsheets, or between malware and goodware…

…or between sysadmins and, well, other people,

Take our quick quiz and find out for sure

Here goes: choose one of A, B or C for each of the five questions below. (You must choose the closest answer each time – don’t skip a question because your own perfect answer isn’t listed.)

You don’t need to keep track of which answer you gave to what question – just count the number of times you said each of A, B and C.

1. A healthy breakfast is:

A. A bowl of cereal.
B. Smashed avocado on pumpernickel.
C. C8H10N4O2.

2. A purposeful weekend that benefits those around me includes:

A. Mowing the lawn.
B. Visiting a craft brewery.
C. Call of Duty.

3. My favourite computer is:

A. Latest model iPhone.
B. iMac (2003 model year, purple variant).
C. No favourites. I love my whole botnet.

4. The coolest sort of transport is:

A. Ford Focus ST.
B. Fixed-gear bicycle.

5. On a first date, I wear:

A. Chinos, boat shoes, 100% cotton T-shirt.
B. Skinny jeans, paisley button-down, vintage brogues.
C. Doesn’t matter, I keep the webcam on my face.

Find out about yourself

Here’s what your answers mean: