What do the words ‘Tor’ and ‘Dark Web’ mean to you? [VIDEO]

Enjoy our latest Facebook Live video featuring Sophos experts James Burchell and Greg Iddon.

In this episode, our dynamic duo reveal how well they did on our #SysAdminDay “Are you a sysadmin?” quiz, before tackling the controversial issue of Tor.

Tor, of course, is short for The Onion Router, software that’s supposed to keep you safer and more anonymous online, but that’s also used to access the infamous Dark Web, a popular haven for cybercrooks, ransomware collectors, peddlers of illegal drugs, and more.

Does Tor really make you safer, or pick you out as a target for surveillance? Are there legitimate reasons to use it? Even at work? How does Tor compare to a VPN? And if you aren’t ready to go all the way to Tor, what simple steps can you take to protect your privacy online?

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