Learning from the Equifax breach [VIDEO]

We know you’ve probably heard about the Equifax breach many times already, and read all sorts of advice about it, but we also know that many of you – especially outside America – still aren’t quite sure what it all means and what to do.

Paul Ducklin and Mark Stockley can help you with that!

Rather than writing a pre-prepared list of answers, they went live online to take your questions and help you figure out what we should be doing about breaches of this sort.

For example:

  • What is Equifax, and how do you even know if you’re a customer?
  • What happened here, and how could you stop it happening in your company?
  • How did Equifax respond, and was there a better way they could have dealt with it?
  • What should we do now?
  • Would GDPR have made any difference, if this had happened a year from now in Europe?

Watch now…

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